We appreciate that any issue involving children can be particularly emotional. We are able to offer sympathetic yet objective advice to ensure that matters are resolved with the least amount of friction.

Sometimes clients are able to resolve their difficulties by way of mediation and we would always discuss this option. However, many matters cannot be resolved without the necessity of court proceedings. The court is able to consider a number of applications regarding children but the most common ones are:

Child Arrangements Order – to determine the appropriate arrangements for the care of the child i.e. when the child sees each parent.

Prohibited Steps Order – to prevent one parent from acting in a way the other parent disagrees with for example changing the child’s surname.

Specific Issue Order – to ensure that one parent acts in a way the other parent wants for example changing the child’s school.

We are able to discuss your issues regarding your child and provide the best possible advice to resolve the issue as amicably as possible.

We are very aware that any such proceedings can become costly, particularly if the other parent is unreasonable or obstructive. We ensure that clients are fully aware of the costs involved and provide regular costs updates to ensure that costs can be managed effectively.